Best Roof for Your Split-Level Home

Split-level homes are popular in many areas of the United States. These homes have unique arrangements that minimize the need for large staircases. The multiple levels of a split-level home are staggered, with shorter staircases toward the centers of these homes. This style of home construction makes for attractive floorplans and a surprising amount of floorspace inside a home that appears relatively small from the outside. If you own a split-level home, you may wonder what type of new roof would suit the split-level architecture best.

Mr. Roof has experience installing new roofs over all types of homes. Modern split-level homes often have more than one elevation, and it’s possible to use this advantageously when it comes to creating your ideal split-level home exterior.

Roofing for split-level homes

Split-level homes can have many different styles of roofs. Some are built with a single roof elevation, while others have a more interesting architecture with multiple roof surfaces. Gabled roofs, hip roofs, dormer roofs, and even flat roofs are all possible for modern split-level homes. If you want the best new roof for your split-level home, it’s important to consider both the construction of your roof surfaces and the materials for your new roof.

Asphalt shingle roofs are the standard for residential property owners throughout the US. Asphalt shingles can provide around 20 to 25 years of protection for your home when properly installed using the best available materials. Mr. Roof can help you choose the best shingles for your split-level home that meet both your performance and aesthetic standards.

Mr. Roof provides comprehensive guidance through all phases of roof replacement for our customers. We understand that you have lots of options for replacing the roof on a home with split-level architecture. Depending on the type of new roof you choose, you can create a cozier appearance or make your home seem much larger from the curb. Mr. Roof only works with the best available roofing materials from the most respected manufacturers in the industry, such as Owens Corning. Rest assured that no matter what type of new roof you select for your split-level home, Mr. Roof can ensure the result suits your needs and preferences.

Choosing a cohesive split-level roof

When you replace the roof on your home, you need to take the home’s whole exterior into account if you want a truly beautiful, finished product. However, Mr. Roof provides much more than just roof replacement. We can also help you choose the best windows for split-level homes, help you upgrade your split-level home exterior, and handle various other repairs that will increase your property value and allow you to enjoy your home for years to come with peace of mind. If your split-level home needs a new roof, Mr. Roof is here to help. We can provide a free estimate and walk you through all your new roofing design options so you can find the new split-level roof that works best for your needs, preferences, and budget. Contact Mr. Roof today to schedule your free estimate and find out more about the roof replacement options we have available for your home’s split-level architecture.

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Follow our Roof Pairing Guide!

The Ultimate Guide to Shingles Options

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements when keeping you and your home safe, but it can also be a fun outward view of your home’s style and personality. If your current roof’s time is up, explore new options for your exterior!

6 Sagewood
Changing your home’s exterior can enhance curb-appeal, add value, and even help you save on energy costs! But making a new aesthetic commitment to your home is no simple choice and the options can feel endlessFor the homeowners who don’t have their heart set on a certain look yet, we have the perfect guide to pairing the right roof to your style & home!


Color Benefits

Your roof shingle color serves an even bigger purpose than aesthetic value… it can also optimize the energy efficiency of your home! Light shingle colors reflect light and heat off of your roof which keeps your house cooler, while darker colors absorb heat and might make your cooling system work harder in warm months. If you’re interested in how roof shingles can make your home more energy-efficient, consider the lighter shingles paired with your home’s exterior color in our Shingles Pairing Guide.

3-Tab vs. Architectural Shingles

Aside from color, another style option of shingles is their structure. The two primary choices of asphalt shingles are 3-tab or architectural shingles.
Each have their own unique advantages for the longevity of your roof.

Aesthetically, these options can either draw or deflect attention. Three-tab shingles are flat without varying dimension, so it gives a more uniform look to your roof. Architectural shingles are designed with dimension and can be made to appear like slate or cedar shake, which can certainly elevate curb appeal and draw the eye longer.

Structurally, both shingle profiles are similar. Both made of asphalt with fiberglass backing and granules for the outer layer. Their densities set them apart. Architectural shingles are about 50% heavier than 3-tab, and thus, have a higher wind rating and overall sturdiness. Architectural shingles have a higher capability to withstand elements which comes with a longer chance for longevity. This advantage doesn’t come without a noticeable price difference. However, the value lies in fewer repairs needed and a longer lifespan before replacement.



Single Color vs. Multi-Toned

So, you chose a color, but you have an option for solid colored shingles or multi-tone! Multi-tone shingles feature varying shades of a color, or even multiple different colors. These varying shades can add depth and dimension to your roof, and a unique visual aspect; however, you should be aware of the unique visual aspects already featured on your home. If you have a brick home with varying shades of red and orange, then a solid color would be a balanced choice for your exterior. If you have a consistent siding color all throughout the home, then a multi-tone blend can offset the uniformity with dimension.

Need more detailed help? Our Home Exteriors by Baker team serves homeowners in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee and are ready to answer your questions!

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By Shelby Zeuli

Shelby joined the Baker Roofing marketing team in April 2021! When she’s not on top of roofs trying to get a good angle, she likes to capture portrait photography, skateboard, and watch movies with her dog, Sarge.

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Owens Corning 2021 Shingle Color of the Year: Aged Copper

Mr. Roof proudly provides some of the leading roofing products from Owens Corning, one of the most respected names in the roofing material manufacturing industry. We provide the highest-quality roofing materials to our clients, and Owens Corning is a significant part of our product catalog.

When it comes to having a new roof installed over your home, Owens Corning provides not only high-quality materials that offer enhanced durability and reliable protection for your home but also many different styles to suit many different tastes. Each year, Owens Corning selects a shingle color of the year based on homeownership trends across the country. The Owens Corning 2021 shingle color of the year is Aged Copper.

What is Aged Copper?

Most asphalt shingle homes throughout the United States use a single color for roof shingles. While many homeowners favor this type of look, others want a bit more visual interest. Aged Copper shingles from Owens Corning include many shades of copper, brown, and gray in a visually attractive staggered arrangement. This creates a beautifully tiled pattern across a roof as well as interesting texture effects.

The arrangement of colors found in Aged Copper roof shingles from Owens Corning means that this roof shingle option pairs exceedingly well with many other home exterior colors. Whether you love your existing home exterior or plan to upgrade it along with your roof, Aged Copper can create interesting aesthetic effects when paired with many colors. Dark greens, plum shades, grays, and earth tones are particularly well-suited to pairing with Aged Copper shingles from Owens Corning.

Why choose Aged Copper shingles from Owens Corning?

Aged Copper is just one of the many stellar shingle options manufactured by Owens Corning. Aesthetics aside, Owens Corning shingles are one of the best choices you can make for your home due to their stellar quality, durability, and long-lasting performance. Aged Copper, in particular, is well-suited to many roof styles and home exterior designs.

The Mr. Roof team will be happy to assist you with every facet of your roof replacement job. Whether you are upgrading your roof in preparation for selling your home and want to increase your property value or simply need to replace a distressed roof, we can help. We’ll help you determine which roofing system is right for you and help you consider your design options when it comes to shingle style and color. We think Aged Copper shingles from Owens Corning are stunning and versatile in all the different home styles they can enhance. If you are preparing to replace your roof and want a new shingle that enhances the overall look of your home’s exterior, Aged Copper shingles from Owens Corning are a great selection that’s both trendy and functional. Every shingle from Owens Corning comes backed by one of the best craftsmanship guarantees in the industry. You can also count on Mr. Roof to provide valuable professional guidance through every stage of the work we do for your home, and we can provide advice for other home upgrades and repairs that you may need to complete the look you want for your home. Contact Mr. Roof today for a free estimate and learn more about Aged Copper shingles from Owens Corning.

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What Is the Best Affordable and Durable Solution for My Roof?

If you need a new roof on your home, many options can provide long-lasting protection and value. Mr. Roof is proud to offer a vast selection of some of the highest quality roofing systems available today. One unique solution you won’t find anywhere else is our RoofGuard system, an ideal choice for any homeowner who wants a solid blend of affordability and reliability.

What makes RoofGuard special?

The RoofGuard system from Mr. Roof includes revolutionary roofing materials that can replace your existing roof and provide lasting protection for your home. Our team uses innovative roofing techniques and the latest tools and equipment to deliver stellar results with every RoofGuard installation we perform. Our RoofGuard system offers three key advantages over standard asphalt shingle roofing systems that any homeowner will find valuable; our systems are:

Wind-resistant. Every RoofGuard system includes components designed to withstand the harshest winds. While other roofing shingles may crack or dislocate from severe winds, this isn’t a concern with the RoofGuard system. Every shingle used in RoofGuard roof replacement is a triple-layered fiberglass asphalt composite, offering superior performance to standard asphalt shingles.Algae-resistant. It’s common for homeowners to overlook algae growth on their roofs until the algae has caused significant discoloration and damage. RoofGuard shingles have been specially designed to deter algae growth. This prevents algae from accumulating, damaging shingles, allowing water to enter through your roof bed, and causing health problems for you and the other occupants of your home.Class A fire-resistant. The RoofGuard system offers some of the best fire resistance you’ll find in any new roofing system. Roof collapse is a major concern whenever a house fire occurs, and RoofGuard provides the highest level of protection in the event your home experiences fire damage.

Beyond these three valuable benefits, RoofGuard from Mr. Roof is also an affordable option for any homeowner on a budget. If you want the best roof replacement option at a great value that doesn’t skimp on quality, RoofGuard from Mr. Roof is your best option. Despite its relatively low cost, the RoofGuard system offers superior performance compared to most other leading roofing systems available today.

RoofGuard Plus from Mr. Roof

Roof replacements are some of the most expensive home improvement jobs that any homeowner will face. It’s natural to want to save as much money as you can with this type of job. However, if you are willing to spend a little more on superior protection, RoofGuard Plus from Mr. Roof can provide even greater value than our standard RoofGuard system.

The main difference between RoofGuard and RoofGuard Plus is the inclusion of SureNail technology from Owens Corning. The SureNail system has a specialized nailing strip designed to ensure that every shingle is properly aligned and consistently fitted with the tightest possible arrangement. The fabric nailing line on every shingle not only provides superior protection but also streamlines the installation process for your roof replacement team.

What to expect from Mr. Roof

The team at Mr. Roof understands that a roof replacement can be daunting for any homeowner. The best shingle roofs will last about 20 to 25 years with proper upkeep, but eventually, every roof will require replacement. If you need a new roof and want an affordable but reliable new roofing system, the RoofGuard system from Mr. Roof is the ideal choice.

Our team provides comprehensive professional roof replacement services. During every phase of work, from your initial estimate to completion, you can rely on the Mr. Roof team to help you make informed decisions about your new roofing system and answer any questions that arise during the project. We also provide a wide range of additional home improvement services, including insulation installation and replacement, masonry, window replacement, siding installation, gutter replacement, and more.

When you work with Mr. Roof for your roof replacement, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home’s exterior, so you know precisely which areas of your home require the most attention. We also understand that when you need to replace your roof or arrange other work for your home’s exterior that you want a result that is beautiful and reflective of your tastes. We offer a wide range of visual options with the RoofGuard system, so you are sure to find a style that suits your tastes. If you want an affordable and reliably durable new roofing system, RoofGuard from Mr. Roof is unmatched. Contact Mr. Roof today to schedule a free estimate and to learn more about the RoofGuard system.

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What Does Climate Change Mean for Roof Maintenance?

Many American homeowners hold deep concerns about climate change. The environment has undergone extensive changes in the last few decades, many of which result from industrial expansion and other human activities. Various government agencies collect important climate change data to provide the American people with the information they need to make environmentally conscious decisions about their homes. If you wonder how climate change will impact your homeownership responsibilities, it’s vital to assess available research and work with a trusted provider when you need roof replacement or home renovations.  

Climate change affects every US homeowner 

All across the United States, homeowners in every region of the country are experiencing new weather patterns, more significant temperature fluctuations, and unprecedented levels of severe weather. Unfortunately, the home maintenance routine you followed just a few years ago may now be insufficient for addressing the effects climate change has had on your region of the country.  

Every homeowner needs to carefully consider the effects climate change has had on their region when they consider home improvement projects like roof replacements and exterior renovations. Mr. Roof is happy to provide comprehensive and environmentally conscious guidance for any homeowner who needs a new roof or other exterior work done.  

Typical climate change-related home maintenance problems in the US  

If you are unsure how climate change could affect your roof maintenance routine, consider a few of the following examples of how the changing climate is impacting homeowners across the country:  

More variance in yearly temperatures can cause more frequent freeze/thaw cycles in areas of the country that typically experience harsh winter seasons. More frequent freezing, thawing, and refreezing during winter increase the risk of water intrusion through gaps in older roofs and, more likely, ice dam formation.  High winter temperatures can put significant strain on a roofing system. For example, if your roof is holding a great deal of snow and then it rains, this significantly increases the weight stress placed on your roof and can increase the risk of roof leaks and other winter roof problems.   More severe storms mean that more homes than ever are vulnerable to high winds, substantial rainfall, and heavy gusts of wind that can damage roof shingles and gutter systems. Severe storms also increase the risk of basement flooding in many parts of the US.  Some parts of the US are reporting abnormally high summer temperatures and experiencing heat waves. If a home has insufficient insulation or ventilation, this makes it harder to maintain comfortable temperatures inside the home and can cause energy bills to spike.  Climate change affects plants and wildlife in every area of the country. In addition, you may have experienced a higher density of air particulates and allergens in your area due to temperature changes, both of which place additional strain on home ventilation and air filtration systems.

There are many other examples of how climate change has impacted homeownership throughout the US. If you are concerned about the way the weather has changed in your area in the last few years, it’s vital to prepare for the future accordingly if your home requires any type of major exterior maintenance.  

Improving your home’s resistance to climate change  

If you want to be environmentally conscious moving forward when it comes to home maintenance, Mr. Roof can help. We can help you determine which home improvement projects are most important for your home to keep you safer and more comfortable as the climate continues to change in unpredictable ways.  

Ventilation, air quality, insulation, and protection from severe weather are vital considerations for all homeowners. This is especially true for homeowners and families that suffer from seasonal allergies, respiratory conditions, and other medical complications that reduce their resistance to changing weather patterns. In addition to minimizing health risks for you and your family, it’s also vital to consider quality and durability when it comes to any home improvement projects you need to arrange.  

Choose reliable roof improvement experts  

When you want to ensure your home has the highest quality and most durable features and account for a changing climate, Mr. Roof can help. Our team is committed to ensuring every job we perform meets our customer’s standards to the highest possible level. We also provide environmentally conscious guidance to homeowners who are unsure about their options for roof improvements.  

Whether you’re improving your home in preparation for sale or simply need to replace an outdated roof, Mr. Roof can help you make a wise choice that accounts for climate change. Our team will walk you through every phase of every job we perform for you so you can be confident about all the work we do for you. If you are ready to start upgrading your home in ways that account for the changing climate, contact Mr. Roof today and schedule a free estimate with our team.  

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Our Progress on a Historic Roof Replacement

Update from the Historic Reynolda House Roof Replacement

After two months on-site at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, we checked in with our roofing, specialty metal and restoration teams to report their progress on the roof replacement and preservation project at one of North Carolina’s oldest and most beloved estates.

Our Commercial Steep Slope team has been working diligently since mid-July on the tear-off and replacement of the original tile roof on the iconic Reynolda House. After spending months of planning and formulating replica green-blend tiles, Reynolda visitors are starting to watch the house take on new life with our installation of over 150,000 pounds of new Ludowici Morando closed shingle tile. The house is also being outfitted with new copper flashing, dormers, and gutters by our specialty metal workers using Peak Metal Products.

This week, our Commercial Steep Slope team is waiting on their final tile shipment to complete finishing touches on Phases 1 and 2 (the house’s main section). Phases 3 and 4 are currently in the process of tile and copper installation. Our Foreman, Matthew McGinnis, is eyeing the week of September 20th for the beginning of Phase 5, starting with the tear-off of the original roof and installation of new tile. Baker Restoration will begin masonry preservation work on the chimney of this roof section starting September 20th as well.

“The biggest challenge we have overcame is working around and communicating with the other trades about where we have to leave sections out for them to have access and complete their scope.”

Matthew McGinnis, Foreman

The green-blend clay tile roof of Reynolda (originally installed in 1917) was the catalyst for a trend of colorful tile roofs in the surrounding Winston-Salem area and beyond in North Carolina. This style is still favored in 2021 and can be seen on display in the homes along Reynolda Road. When the iconic original roof began to show signs of age and failure, it was decided that a complete re-roof was necessary. Baker Roofing Company, who has called NC home for just as long at the Reynolda estate, was trusted with the project. Though the original tile design options don’t exist in this century (glaze and tile profiles have both been engineered and optimized over the decades), the ceramic engineers from Ludowici Tile Company worked closely with the Reynolda preservers to create a replica custom color blend.

Copper and Ludowici tile detailsCopper dormers being soldered on Phase 2Copper solderingLudowici tile shipmentLudowici tile color blendPhase 1 overlookBaker Restoration masonry repair on Phase 1 chimneys

Our team has been happy to report to us that we are looking at completing this massive project 10 days ahead of schedule! Reynolda’s renewed roof will be complete in time for Thanksgiving and holiday visitors to admire.

By Shelby Zeuli

Shelby joined the Baker Roofing marketing team in April 2021! When she’s not on top of roofs trying to get a good angle, she likes to capture portrait photography, skateboard, and watch movies with her dog, Sarge.

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How To Find a Reputable Roofing Contractor in the United States

roofing contractors

A roofing contractor is someone who installs and maintains commercial roofs on buildings. Commercial roofing contractors can either be self-employed contractors or be hired by an external employer to do certain jobs, including roof installation. They perform the task in conjunction with another professional who does not necessarily need to be a regular employee. For instance, a roofing company might hire one of its contracted roofers to install its roof on a certain building.


In most instances, roofing contractors install and maintain roofs for realtors, developers, architects, real estate agents, etc. The most common structures they install roofs on include apartment complexes, high-rise buildings, office buildings, warehouses, condominiums, shops, government buildings, etc. Typically, there is one roofer for every 10 or more rooms in a building. However, not all buildings have the same number of rooms. For example, a bank has several floors, but it also has a basement. In such instances, the roofing contractors would usually hire more roofers than required to complete the task.


Roofing is one of the most important aspects of the construction process. The quality of a new roof can determine whether the structure will last for years. Therefore, a roofing contractor makes sure that the roof he is installing on the building meets certain requirements. He also ensures that the new roof will last long enough to avoid premature roof failure.


Before hiring any roofer, it is essential to ensure that the contractor he hires is a registered R CAT licensed contractor. Also, check if he has insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. If the contractor you are planning to hire is not a registered r CAT licensed contractor, you should ask him why he is not a registered r CAT licensed contractor. This will give you a better understanding of his company and the work that he does.


You can do your research online by visiting a different website hosting sites. You will get an idea about the background of the contractor you are planning to hire. Moreover, you will get information about the previous projects that he has undertaken. Check whether the company has received any awards from any reputable organization. A reputable roofing company should be able to provide you a list of satisfied customers.


Apart from this, you should also find out if the contractor you are planning to approach is insured. Ask him if he carries a policy that covers roofing contractors. Do not hesitate to ask for proof for this purpose because sometimes these companies construct their own insurance policies. If they are not insured, you will not be able to claim any damage. Ask the roofing company to provide you with a copy of their insurance policy before paying them for their services.


If you need some changes in the structure of a structure, you should ask the roofing contractors about these things. For instance, if you want to add a swimming pool to your roof, you should make sure that the structure is strong enough. You can ask the contractors to help you out in this process. If you find that they cannot do so, you should look for another roofing company. The roofing contractors should give you an estimate of all the work that needs to be done. If they are unable to do so, you should immediately switch to another roofing contractor.


Roofing is not an easy task. In the United States, roofing contractors employ people called roofers. The roofers help the homeowners by cleaning the debris and carrying out other related tasks. The roofers must ensure that the job is well done and provide quality service. The United States has a National House-Building Council (NHB), which makes sure that all the roofing companies have complied with the standards laid down by them and have given quality service.