Our Progress on a Historic Roof Replacement

Update from the Historic Reynolda House Roof Replacement

After two months on-site at the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, we checked in with our roofing, specialty metal and restoration teams to report their progress on the roof replacement and preservation project at one of North Carolina’s oldest and most beloved estates.

Our Commercial Steep Slope team has been working diligently since mid-July on the tear-off and replacement of the original tile roof on the iconic Reynolda House. After spending months of planning and formulating replica green-blend tiles, Reynolda visitors are starting to watch the house take on new life with our installation of over 150,000 pounds of new Ludowici Morando closed shingle tile. The house is also being outfitted with new copper flashing, dormers, and gutters by our specialty metal workers using Peak Metal Products.

This week, our Commercial Steep Slope team is waiting on their final tile shipment to complete finishing touches on Phases 1 and 2 (the house’s main section). Phases 3 and 4 are currently in the process of tile and copper installation. Our Foreman, Matthew McGinnis, is eyeing the week of September 20th for the beginning of Phase 5, starting with the tear-off of the original roof and installation of new tile. Baker Restoration will begin masonry preservation work on the chimney of this roof section starting September 20th as well.

“The biggest challenge we have overcame is working around and communicating with the other trades about where we have to leave sections out for them to have access and complete their scope.”

Matthew McGinnis, Foreman

The green-blend clay tile roof of Reynolda (originally installed in 1917) was the catalyst for a trend of colorful tile roofs in the surrounding Winston-Salem area and beyond in North Carolina. This style is still favored in 2021 and can be seen on display in the homes along Reynolda Road. When the iconic original roof began to show signs of age and failure, it was decided that a complete re-roof was necessary. Baker Roofing Company, who has called NC home for just as long at the Reynolda estate, was trusted with the project. Though the original tile design options don’t exist in this century (glaze and tile profiles have both been engineered and optimized over the decades), the ceramic engineers from Ludowici Tile Company worked closely with the Reynolda preservers to create a replica custom color blend.

Copper and Ludowici tile detailsCopper dormers being soldered on Phase 2Copper solderingLudowici tile shipmentLudowici tile color blendPhase 1 overlookBaker Restoration masonry repair on Phase 1 chimneys

Our team has been happy to report to us that we are looking at completing this massive project 10 days ahead of schedule! Reynolda’s renewed roof will be complete in time for Thanksgiving and holiday visitors to admire.

By Shelby Zeuli

Shelby joined the Baker Roofing marketing team in April 2021! When she’s not on top of roofs trying to get a good angle, she likes to capture portrait photography, skateboard, and watch movies with her dog, Sarge.

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